Managed Services

Our Managed services take care of the day to day needs of your network. We monitor your workstations, servers, and network to make sure everything is working as you expect.

Cybersecurity Services

With our comprehensive offerings, we can protect your network and train your employees on what to look for to protect themselves and the business from cybersecurity threats.

Managed Backup Services

Our backup and business continuity services are designed to help protect your business from:
Natural Disaster
Technology Failure
and more…

At Copacetech Solutions, we understand the challenges to the SMB market, and we are here to make it easy for you. Let us handle the technology so you can focus on your business.

Managed Services – Server Monitering & Maintenance

• Hardware & software audits
• Full remote problem resolution
• Remote Assistance
• Multi-vendor antivirus management
• MS Service Pack installation
• Patch deployment
• AD Group Policy Troubleshooting
• System performance analysis & troubleshooting
• MS Exchange health check & defragmentation

Cybersecurity Services

• Advanced profiling
• Risk scoring
• Incident response
• Remediation services
• Identification of gaps in coverage
• DNS Protection
• Security Awareness Training
• Security for endpoints
• SOC monitoring
• Incident response
• Remediation services
• Complete SIEM services and SOC support with real-time alerting
• Network log and activity monitoring

Managed Services – Workstation Monitoring and Maintenance

• Hardware & software audits
• Performance & Preventive Maintenance Reports
• Remote Assistance
• Patch Whitelisting Service
• Antivirus Management
• Web-based Management Portal
• Desktop Performance Monitoring
• Administrative Scripting
• Policy Management
• Client Chat with Self-Help Center
• Webroot Antivirus License
• End-Client Help Desk
• Windows, Mac & Mobile Support
• Administrative Tasks
• Virus & Malware Removal
• Software Installations

Managed Backup & Business Continuity Services

Protect against your organization from the threats that all businesses face including:
• Natural Disaster
• Cyber-Attack
• Technology Failure
• Human Error
• Data Corruption

With our solution we give you:
• Block-level encryption
• Continuous Data Protection
• 24×7 NOC Support
• Advanced data verification
• Secure and reliable cloud option

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